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Family Services

These programs offer financial assistance and services for income eligible persons of all ages. Each program has different income level requirements used in determining eligibility for participation.


Weatherization provides energy related home repairs to help lower heating and cooling expenses.

Repairs can include:

Energy Assistance:

LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.) provides assistance towards heating expenses during the winter months. The Subsidy component runs from November through December and to qualify participants must meet income guidelines and be responsible for their heating expenses. The Crisis component runs from January through March or until the funds are expended whichever comes first. To qualify for the Crisis assistance the participant must meet income guidelines AND have a disconnect notice OR be within 4 days of having no heat.


The Self-Sufficiency program targets families and individuals who are working toward becoming self-sufficient. Services include case management, goal setting, employment skill development, educational enhancement, household financial management and financial support. Caseworkers help participants set goals and then make a plan for achieving those goals.

Emergency Services:

Emergency Assistance provides financial assistance with food, utility, clothing, shelter and medical needs. Families experiencing a temporary financial crisis receive budget counseling along with the financial assistance to help them identify problem areas and to avoid crisis situations in the future.

Other Services:

Commodities are provided on a monthly basis to eligible senior citizens over the age of 60. The program helps clients to stretch their food budget with the supplemental items. There is a food pantry in Henry and Trimble Counties to help families through a short-term crisis. WinterCare program helps clients with electric bills from participating utility companies. Information and Referrals services are provided to clients to help access the available resources within the community.